LED? Neon? Flourescent tube?

Get the low down on your illumination options.

With so many options available whats the most economical, environmentally friendly, long lasting option for your signage? Whats going to look best? 

We can give you the information required to make an informed decision on your illumination without swamping you with volts, watts, amps, candallas, lumens and lux.

960198_508258095908489_1666584384_n.jpgAluminum Channel Letters

Illuminated face, 3D letters LED and Neon options.



original_16.JPGAcrylic Fabricated Letters

Illuminated face and sides, Neon and LED options


Halo Lit Channel Letters

Illuminated halo, Neon and LED options




IMG_0484.JPGLight box 

Illuminated face, Slimline Led as thin as 40mm deep, Flourescent tube options from 150mm deep

AMI_Stage_1_Photos_287.jpgUnder Verandah Lightbox

Illuminated face, Single sided or double, Flourescent tube and LED options